Changelog: Opsgenie, Dashboard improvements, Terraform and more


Here is an overview of the features & fixes we released over the last ~2 months:

Opsgenie integration

Checkly can now create and resolve alerts in your Opsgenie team with our dedicated integration.

Opsgenie integration
Opsgenie integration

👉  Read more on how to integrate Checkly with your Opsgenie team in our docs

Dashboard improvements

You can now easily mute or deactivate any check right from the dashboard.

Check results pages now include handy flags to see which regions the check is running from, as well as status banners that inform you about your check status at a glance.

Status hint on each check result page

Terraform provider updates

We released version 0.6.x of our Terraform provider which you can install right now. This update brings support for Check Groups and some much needed bug fixes for plan churn.

  • Supports creating Check groups
  • Allow optional configurations to be left out without causing churn on consecutive apply.
  • Fixes browser check churn on consecutive apply.

We also updated the file with more concrete examples on how to use the Terraform provider.

👉  Check out the repo right here on GitHub.

New datacenter locations: Milan and Cape Town

We added the Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦 and Milan, Italy 🇮🇹  regions for all API and browser checks.

Milan and Cape Town data center regions
Milan and Cape Town data center regions

Strict null assertions in API checks

We added null assertions that you can use with JSON body API checks.

null assertions on JSON bodies
null assertions on JSON bodies
  1. Is null will assert that value is strictly equal to null
  2. Not null will assert that value is strictly not equal to null

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